Developed by Shure Incorporated, the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, the SE115 is the newest, most affordable and most colorful member of the company’s acclaimed family of Sound Isolating Earphones.

Available in four colors – Blue, Pink, Black, and Red – the SE115 continues Shure’s legacy of unparalleled sound and design quality and breaks new ground in technology and style. With the SE115, Shure engineers have developed a dynamic driver that gives consumers a warmer and richer sound signature with more bass. The result is the first earphone capable of fitting a dynamic driver into a form factor of its size, giving a bigger sound in a smaller and more stylish package than ever before.

The Second Generation Dynamic MicroSpeaker delivers detailed, warm sound with enhanced bass, Shure’s unique Sound Isolating technology prevents outside noise from interfering with a consumer’s audio experience. The SE115 is

compatible with most popular CD, MP3, and DVD players, as well as with portable gaming devices (any devices with a 3.5mm jack). The earphones are also compatible with popular smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Curve

About sound isolating earphones:

Sound isolating earphones are a special type of earphones developed originally for musicians trying to monitor their performance in loud onstage environments. They work by using soft foam or flex sleeves to seal out background noise, allowing a small, high-performance MicroSpeaker to deliver incredibly precise sound directly to the ear. Shure offers these professional-quality earphones for personal use with portable audio or video devices.

Sound isolating earphones are worn in the ear like earplugs with soft sleeves that couple with the ear to create a seal that blocks most frequencies of unwanted noise. This simple, natural form of noise reduction allows Shure earphones to block out up to 37 dB of ambient noise.

As a result, the natural isolating properties of a properly fitted sound isolating earphone rival the performance of even the most expensive active noise cancellation alternatives.