Paradigma Production provides full rental services for audio, lighting, staging and video equipment and has steadily been making extensive investments in its rental equipment.
Paradigma Production supplies top quality equipment at competitive prices, no matter what the venue, from clubs to stadium size events.
The company has operated a Synco by Martin Audio W8LC / W8LM – the first line array system to be permanently based in Romania, since April, 2004. It also has the facility to draw on the Synco Europe Network’s extensive equipment and personal resources.
Audio rental brands are headed by Synco by Martin Audio line arrays, Midas, XTA and Yamaha along with lighting products from Clay Paky, ETC, High End Systems and Vari*Lite, and staging systems from Eurotruss.

Each product has its own quality control engineer(s). They test every piece of equipment prior to rental and are ready to assist you with technical support before, during, and after your production or event.
When you rent from Paradigma Production, you not only get the latest equipment but you get the peace of mind that comes from 24 hour, top quality engineering support.

    • Rack drive:
      XTA 226 System Controller, with AudioCore Management System and Martin ViewPoint application
    • PA Speakers:
      Synco/Martin Audio W8LC LineArray cabinet compact
      Synco STS 18RR Subwoofers
      Synco/Martin Audio W8LM LineArray cabinet mini
      Synco/Martin Audio W8LCD compact downfill
      Synco/Martin Audio W8LC Ampracks
      Synco/Martin Audio W8LMD downfill
      Synco/Martin Audio W8LM Ampracks
      Synco/Martin Audio Sub Amprack
      Synco/Martin Audio WS318x
      Power Distro system
      Flying&Rigging Hardware for the system,

  • Front Of House:
    Digidesign D-Show Profile 48 ch
    Yamaha PM5D RH 48 ch
    Yamaha LS9 32
    Yamaha M7CL 48 Digital Mixing Console 48 ch, 16 auxes
    Midas Heritage 3000/2000 ( on request)
    Soundcraft K3 32+4 ch
    Midas XL200 console, 40 mono+4st. ch, 8VCA?s
    Midas Power Supplies
    Crest LMX 22 40ch
    Crest RM20, 24ch rack mix
    Full Programable Digital Console
  • Multicore:
    75m, 42 ch multicore
    StageBox System 42 ch.+FOH,Mon and 3x MultiSplit
    30m 12/4 ch multicore w.stagebox
  • Effex Rack:
    Yamaha SPX 990 multieffx
    Yamaha SPX 1000
    Yamaha SPX 900
    Yamaha SPX 90-II
    Lexicon MPX 550 multieffx
    Lexicon LXP15
    Roland SDE 2500/SDE 3000
    TC Electronic M-One multieffx
    TC Electronic D-Two delay
    DBX 166 stereo comp/gate
    KlarkTechnik DNA 504 quad compressor
    BSS DPR 522, advanced dual gate



  • Inserts:
    XTA GQ600
    Klark Technic Dn3600
    BSS FCS960 EQ
    Drawmer/BSS/DBX dinamics
  • Monitors:
    KlarkTechnik DDA Forum monitor console, 32 ch, 14 monitor mixes
    DDA Power Supply
    BSS FCS 966 2x 31 band equalizer
    DBX 266 comp/gate
    Lexicon MPX 1 multieffx
  • Side Fill:
    Synco RH STS SuperCombi cabinet
    Dynacord Wave
    Synco Crest Amprack
  • Wedges:
    Synco CW 152a 15??+2? wedge monitor, biamp
    Synco CW 121 12?+1,5? wedge monitor, biamp
    Martin Audio LE 1500
    Martin Audio 12JB
    Synco SR-551
    Synco TRC-81
    Martin Audio F12
    Amprack Synco/ Crest
    db Technologies IEM 1100
    Wireless in ear monitor Shure PSM 700/200
    Fisherman bass shaker for drms



  • Backline:
    Sonor HiLite Exlusive drum kit( 8,10,12,13,14,16,18 toms, 6,5×14? snare,18? & 22? kick, hardware, Zildjian cymbals)
    Yamaha Bleach Custom drum kit(13,14,16, toms, 6,5×14? snare, 22? kick, hardware, Zildjian cymbals)
    Marshall DSL 2000+ 1960 A 4×12? cabinet
    Fender RockPro amp+ Marshal AVH 4×12? cabinet
    Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp
    Trace Elliot AH300 + 4×10? bass amp+cabinet
    Hartke System 4000 + 4×10?+1×15?bass amp+cabinet
    Roland RD600 el. Piano
  • Playback/Rec (3 racks):
    Sony MDS E10 MD recorder
    Tascam CD1 professional CD player
  • Intercom:
    ASL Intercom Basic Series
    BS 216 Base Station
    BS 15 beltpack
  • Microphones:
    Shure UHF
    Shure SLX series
    Shure Beta 87/58 handhelds, beltapacks
    Shure headsest and lavalier


    • Moving Light:
      Vari*Lite 2500 series,700 HTI spot
      Vari*Lite VL3000
      Vari*Lite VL2500
      Vari*Lite VL2000 spots
      ClayPaky StageZoom, 1200HMI spot
      HighEnd: StudioCommand 1200w/700w
      HighEnd StudioColor 575 MSR wash
    • Conventional Lighting:
      Par 64 CP 62/61 (MFL/NSP)
      Parcans PAR64, Par 56
      Wybron ColorChanger Par64
      Strand 1kW Fresnel Projector
      Strand 2kW Fresnel Projector
      Strand 5kW Fresnel Projector
      DeSisti 2.5 Cyclorama
      Fresnels 2k, 1k, PO Strand
      Robert Juliat 614 profile, 1 kw
      EmilNiethamer EniZoom profile spot 1kW
      Emil Niethamer 2500w MSR
      Emil Niethamer 1200w MSR
      Emil Niethamer 2000w Halogen
      Lite Blinders 8 Lites, 4 Lites
      Lite Blinder+ Wybron ColorChanger
      Lightbattens MR16 Showtec
      Follow Spot Emil Niethamer1200 HMI.
      ALC Dimmer Racks 24 x 4kw
      Compulite Dimmer Racks 24 x 4 kw

    • Effx & Fog:
      LED Pixel track, CMY color changer
      LED PAR 64
      LED AirCone 2m
      LED parcan, CMY color changer
      6x3m StarCloth LED background
      JEM Zr33 Smoke Machine (hazers) + 1 x F1 Fans.
      JEM 24/7 hazer
      HazeBase Pro Hazer
      Martin atomic 3000 DMX Strobe
      Colorchangers: Wybron: ColoramII , 7″18″

  • Control desks:
    Avolites Sapphire 2004, 2048 ch
    Whole Whog iPC, 2048 ch
    Martin LightJokey 2048
    MA Lighting MA48
    MA Lighting MA12
    Power&DMX distro
  • Arhitectural Lighting:
    Pani B4 Large Scale Dia&Film projection system, 4kw xenon
    ArenA 1800 MHD architectural+Wybron ColorChanger
    Space Cannon Ireos4, 4kw xenon search light
  • Other:
    Flashlight dimmer & powerracks 12-48CH (MA)
    ADB dimmerracks 36CH
    Interfaces, boosters, UPS modules
    Signalmonitoring, intercom

  • EUROTRUSS Full Covered Stage structure
    Eurotruss Aluminium Truss stage with ST50 FD 34, FD44 truss structuress
    Eurostruss began the production of aluminium truss systems in 1993 and even now these keywords are still the bottom line on its approach and performance. The Eurotruss ST Roofs are at the moment the largest and the most versatile in the Eurotruss range.Dimensions:
    19.5 m wide x15.4 m deep x12 m clearance from ground level
    Gray PCV canopy, Black Mesh sidewalls and background.
    Nivtec Podium, 180 sqm, Variable height, between 0.9-1.5m
    16x Verlinde&CM Loadstar 1 tone electric hoist + controller
    Various Aluminium structures ( circle, angled corners, trusses)
  • ST Square Trussing:
    Tolerance free connection with conical connector
    High Stability aluminium alloy
    Excellent load-bearing capacity combined with low dead weight
    4mm Wall thickness of the main tube
    Optimum dimensioning of all components
    Optimum manufacturing quality
    TuV Tested according DIN 4113
    High wear resistance
  • Ground Support Tower FD44:
    The ground support tower FD44 makes for an excellent vertical truss that allows the safe, quick lifting of high-load truss constructions (riggs) and large-sized platform roofs to their service height. The straight elements of the tower consist of FD44 Standard Truss, allowing a variety of combinations. Since this tower was specifically designed for high-load riggs and large-sized platform roofs, the variability of its sleeveblocks, basements and top sections is logically limited to these special-purpose applications.

    • LED Screen, Daylight visibility
      BARCO Slite 10 outdor LED screen, 9 mm pixel pitch virtual, 5000 nits
      Barco Ilite 6XP indoor, 6mm pixel pitch real
      D320 screen processor
      XLite Toolset computer control software
      Cabling and accesories
      Fly and Stacking hardware
    • LED Courtain
      SounBoss SB P36 outdoor courtain 36 mm pixel pitch
    • LED effx
      Traxon Pixel wash 64

    • Video projectors
      Panasonic PT D7700 DLP 7000ansi
      Eiki 3000 ansi
      DaLite projection screens
    • Plasmas

  • Media Server
    High End Systems CATALYST v.3.4 media server,
    8 image layers
    2 video outputs
    Mac G5, dual 2 G
    300 G Bits image data base drive
    DMX interface
    DV content
  • Video Kit
    Edirol V4 video mixer + control monitors
    Kramer VS 848 8×8 vertical interval matrix swirxher
    Panasonic DVD player, Sony DVD recorder
    FujitsuSiemens presentation laptop