Bushell, who was this year shortlisted for the much-coveted Knight of Illumination Award for lighting design, took the Sapphire Touch out on the summer?s festival circuit, where he dazzled audiences with his stunning, art deco inspired design.

?I?ve always used Avolites consoles and the new software just keeps getting better and better,? comments Bushell ?I started out on a Pearl a fair few years ago. I?ve tried many other consoles along the way but kept returning to Avo. I then used a Diamond 4. I was particularly thrilled when that platform was effectively put into a Tiger Touch. So much so that I bought a console of my very own!
?Although much more compact, the Tiger Touch still has the unmistakable “live” Avo quality that other desks lack. Not only that Avo has found ways of making these consoles do what all other desks do, but in an easier and more intuitive way.?
The Sapphire Touch is a new step for Bushell, who until the festival season was working with his own Tiger Touch. ?I program and operate visually not mathematically,? explains Bushell. ?I’m not interested in punching numbers into a desk. The Avolites consoles enable me to quickly and simply achieve what I want, whatever the nature of the job. I asked to take the Sapphire out for some festivals as the dual screen and extra playbacks really lend themselves to that fast paced environment.?
On the festival circuit Bushell doesn?t always have the luxury of programming the night before or even the morning before doors! The simplistic functionality of the Sapphire Touch mixed with a bigger, more versatile platform offers Bushell everything he needed during an often frantic 30-minute changeover, where he?s invariably seeing things for the first time.
?The Sapphire Touch expansive workspace area can be crucial for shows featuring complex and structural lighting design concepts such as Chris?s design for Florence & the Machine,? explains Koy Neminathan, sales director for Avolites Ltd. ?In particular the Sapphire Touch offers the easy to access Quicksketch freehand tool, which enables Chris to keep control of his design in the challenging festival environment.?